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Syntropy Health

Syntropy is the innate tendency toward progressive healing, growth and development in living and self-organizing systems. 

Entropy is the opposing process characterized by disorder and heat as a measure of information content, and described in the classic disease symptoms: rubor, calor, dolor, and tumor, or redness, heat, pain, and swelling.

The condensates of the transition minerals that make up the immortal spirit body are not thermally coupled with the ordinary matter of the bio-body suit.

Syntropy is a state of order or coherence which in the emotions is expressed as heart-centered states such as hope, love, and gratitude, while in the consciousness it represents the transformation of information into meaning.

We promote rapid transformational healing by observing in real time the pattern of stimuli that produce entropic stress responses in the individual and match the natural remedies, therapies and environmental adjustments that restore a state of syntropy or coherence in the biofield.

We consider this a new standard of evidence based medicine as a foundation for the Medicine of the Future.

In that light, we have formulated a Clinical Theory of Everything™ as a basis for our system of Clinical Praxis™, and we produce Functional Formulations™ consisting of botanical and nutritional ingredients that are clean, concentrated and comprehensive.

Our research finds that 85% of the healing responses in the body are initiated by the energetic presence and purity of the syntropic stimuli in the biofield with the remaining 15% dependent upon the material dosage and delivery to the cells.

We strive to optimize both parameters in every sacramental dose.

Clinical Theory™

Action begins with belief. We believe the body is designed to heal itself in response to elements in the natural environment. These include nutrients, botanical compounds, quantum energies and information signatures. Our mission is to listen, interpret, model and support your healing process.

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Clinical Praxis™

We seek out and develop innovative technologies to support Accelerated Self Healing™. These include many specific forms of Photobiomodulation, Microcurrent and PEMF modalities, as well as Perception Reframing all of which can be implemented without leaving home. 

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Functional Formulations™

We develop pure, potent and practical combinations of botanical and nutritional remedies targeted to specific healing issues and body functions. We use only the most biologically active forms of nutrients, such as active coenzymes, and botanical concentrates with zero excipients.

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  • Our Story...

    Living systems make spiral structures in one coherent direction. This applies to many molecules including the amino acids, Vitamin E, and Lipoic Acid for example. This is why we don't use synthetic forms of these kinds of chiral substances, because half of them would be the wrong shape. Just imagine buying a box of screws, and when you go to use them, half of them don't work because they spiral the wrong way... 

    Now consider physics. Space is 3 dimensional, and so is electromagnetism, which is fundamental to every known force with the possible exception of gravity, which is not yet well understood. The three orthogonal directions of electromagnetism that create our 3D space are chiral, just like the structures made by living systems. In physics, we call it the right hand rule. It is a clue that creation comes from a living system, not a random event. The Heavens are a self-organizing system with spiral galaxies connected by Birkeland currents...

    And as above, so below. Our bodies are regulated by Birkeland currents that flow along the Meridian pathways outlined by Oriental Medicine. The photo-energetic Chakras observed by Ayurvedic Medicine spiral like galaxies. We find the answers to age old questions about the nature of the immortal spirit, the function of consciousness, and many other questions in this deeper view of the material world in which we look for the flow patterns in our model of Photo-Energetic Regulatory Medicine. We see beyond the information overload that dominates our age to identify the meanings and intentions of our bodies' ongoing healing actions.

    We speak to the spirit and listen for the wisdom that is the gift of our very nature. Our methods draw on the whole world's wisdom in healing traditions, including German Diagnostic Electroacupunctu We look to the angelic choirs in the botanical and nutritional realms of the cornucopia of nature for the ready and willing volunteers to support and stimulate our Accelerated Self Healing™. This is why we consider these remedies to be Sacraments, not mere material supplements. And that why we believe we see healing of so many challenges considered 'irreversible' by Western Medicine which is trained to think of pharmaceutical poisons and controlled surgical damage as the only means of treatment.

    The Wizard of Wellness™

    Dr. Glen Swartwout.

    My mission is to help enlighten the world through transforming our paradigm of science and medicine. I was born to an Ivy-League pioneer in Functional Optometry who opened my eyes with Vision Therapy at age 8, transforming my academic performance from C's to straight A's. While he was completing post-graduate training at Yale's Gesell Institute for Child Development, he attempted to measure my IQ and gave up when it exceeded 186, more than a standard deviation above Albert Einstein's... When I was still a student doctor, and serving as president of the international association of over 5,000 student eye doctors I learned that Western Medicine would leave me blind in my 40s. In my research to root out the hidden underlying causes of blindness, I discovered that if I hadn't been given this mission, I would have died of a stroke in my 30s. Applying the same principles that saved my own life and vision, I have been able to help tens of thousands of others preserve and restore their precious health and function, including many who have recovered from every type of medical condition considered irreversible, and from many states pronounced terminal. This experience of the last 40 years gives me great hope that we cannot know what cannot heal unless we try, and apply the bounty of nature's gifts provided in such abundance for our healing.

    - Dr. Glen Swartwout

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